Using Sisulizer to Localize Software

Together with Sisulizer we have two offers for microISVs regarding software localization.

Sisulizer is a professional software localization tool, typically used by large enterprises and priced around €2000 per license. We were able to make a special deal, tailored for the needs and budgets of small software vendors and offer it for as low as $299 (USD).

a) You can get Sisulizer Standard for USD 299. You can download Sisulizer from here and use it with your Visual Studio or Delphi EXE or DLL. Use this link to buy Sisulizer Standard for USD 299.

b) We also can scan and build the Delphi application for you (that is the actual offer in the forum you replied to). Please read the instructions for preparing your application and then send your compiled EXE (or DLL) in a ZIP file to Sisulizer (the form does not accept EXE and DLL, only ZIP files).

The price for this service is 20% of the original price of the Sisulizer Edition needed to scan. In case of Delphi it is EUR 100 (EUR 499 / 5) for one build of your binary.

After five scan/builds you will have paid the full price of the software (thus it is called Pay Per Use Deal). But you do not get the software license yourself. The good thing: for a very low price you get in contact with one of our technicans helping with your first steps in software localization. If you use this model and decide to buy the software later we give you a discount of EUR 100 of your purchase price. So the risk is low.

The result in both cases will be a Sisulizer project file that needs to be localized. We, at ICanLoclize will take care of the translation for this project. We’ve got professional translators to any language you would require. They can localize the strings in your Sisulizer project.