5 Ways a CMS Can Help Your Business

May 26th, 2009 admin

A Content Management System (CMS) can make your business more successful – let’s see how!

1. Fresh and timely contents

How long does it take you to create a completely new section for a new product on your website?

A CMS lets you add contents without sweating over the site’s structure. You don’t need to worry about navigation, links between pages, sitemaps, etc.

Just enter the new contents and hit publish. Any modern content management system lets you dedicate all your time to managing contents, without worrying about anything else.

This means that your marketing and support material is always ready on time and never lag behind the products and services.

2. Getting readers involved

The biggest challenge for any website is getting visitors involved. You want to turn that collection of passive one-time visitors into an active community. A community where people care to visit back, speak their mind and await your message.

That’s easier said than done. So, how can you do it?

Let people influence your website and your business. Let them tell you what they need and show them you care about it. That’s how!

Content management systems have many tools for doing just this. When your website is dynamic, it allows a two way dialog, rather than a dull lecture. Here are some of the tools you can use:

  • Comments – in both pages and posts, let your visitors leave you feedback.
  • Polls – ask questions, let people respond and show what others have voted.
  • Forums – create an open room for discussion where visitors can communicate freely and where everyone sees how well you respond.

3. Make it easy to remember you

Everyone is busy, sometimes a bit too much. People visit you, get excited and then wonder off. It’s not because they’re not interested, but because they have other things that grabbed their attention.

You can help by making it easy to receive updates from you. An email newsletter and an RSS feed are great ways to send your word out and help busy people engaged.

How much more business will you get if five visitors signed up to your newsletter every day?

A content management system will help you create your newsletter with ease. Blog posts can turn into great newsletter contents, delivered without any effort.

4. Make a better impression

A CMS includes basic facilities that will make your site look better, leave a better impressing and do a better job of selling you.

  • Spell checking
  • Clear navigation
  • No broken links
  • Clean HTML

Sounds simple, but how much time do you need to spend making sure your site is clean without using a content management system?

5. Rank better in search engines

This is actually a result of all the other advantages. Search engines like the same thing as visitors. They love fresh and updating contents, a clean site free of technical errors and sitemaps.

Since a content management system already delivers all these, both visitors and search engines become happier. A simple thing such as allowing users to contribute contents (in the form of comments) can make your site’s pages rank higher.

Search engines see that it’s fresh, get notified when there’s an update and treat your site as something that needs more attention. Try it and you’ll see for yourself.

Want to move to a CMS?

We’re running a program that helps migrate existing sites to content management system. It doesn’t matter how it’s built, we can put it on a CMS in no time.

The two content management systems we’re working on are WordPress and Drupal. Each has its own strengths.

It’s something that we’ve started doing a few months ago, when clients asked us to translate static HTML sites or sites built with their own PHP. We saw that it’s just way easier to spend a few days migrating to a strong CMS and continue from there than invent the wheel each time.

Interested? You can leave a comment here or (better) contact us.

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Some translations are more important than others

May 13th, 2009 Amir

Being a translation service, we could argue that anything will benefit from being translated. If you like, we can even translate your first and last name. The fact is, some things benefit more than others when being translated.

In the last few weeks, we’ve been very involved in providing localization for iPhone applications. If you’re not a iPhone developer, here’s a quick overview of what it’s all about.

iPhone applications

iPhone is Apple’s neat all-do cell phone. You can still make phone calls with it, but besides that, you can use an iPhone to surf the net, read and write text documents and do almost anything you can do with a PC – just using a tiny little screen.

As such, Apple lets others write applications for iPhones. Because Apple’s name is all over the place, iPhone applications are expected to adhere to high standards.

Why localize iPhone applications?

Not more than 15% of the world speaks English. If you’re Mexican, most likely that you speak some English. Certainly enough to get by. Mexicans will appreciate PC programs in Spanish, but many still will use them if they’re in English only.

When it comes to cell phones, it’s a different story. Cell phones are not limitted to tech nerds (like us), not even the fancy iPhones. Everyone uses them. Cell phones also have another unique property – language is set globally for the device. Once set, the phone speaks just that language, including all the applications on it.

So, you can still sell a PC program in Mexico, even though it’s not translated to Spanish, but there’s no way you can do that with iPhone applications. To market iPhone applications in foreign markets, they need to be localized – end of story.

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Setting Pricing in Multiple Currencies

October 19th, 2008 Amir

When you sell in different countries, people expect to pay in their currency. How do you determine pricing in multiple currencies?

Recent financial market storms are affecting currency exchange rates. Within days, exchange rate changed by as much as 30% between major currencies.

How do you cope with these changes? Should your product pricing change on a daily basis to maintain ‘fair’ pricing?

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Beware of the Viral Internet, it Can Go Wrong!

October 17th, 2008 Alina

Online reputation is hard to build and even harder to keep. The viral Internet can help a company get a lot of business fast, but it can also bring it down through bad word-of-mouth. A recent case showed how things can go wrong in a matter of day and how people can go from not really knowing you and your business to swearing they’ll never do business with you.

So what happened? A probably angry business owner did not think what he was saying through and forgot that most mainstream media also have an online outlet. And as he went against a young men fighting overseas for his country and his pregnant wife, he was up for a major disaster. He cost himself more business than he ever imagined. So what can you do to protect your reputation online and offline, assuming you have invested in building one that needs protecting?

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4 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Marketing Abroad

September 19th, 2008 Amir

We always claim that marketing abroad is a good idea. However, some people should really avoid that.

1) You’ll meet less people

Yes, really. Imagine the income from your web business tripling. You could give up your job and live off your website.

Think of the people you meet every day – the receptionist, your boss and your co-workers. You’re not going to be seeing too much of them any more when you start working from home. Sure, you can still meet them from time to time, but not every day, 9 hours a day, right?

2) You’ll need much more patience for your wife and kids

This one is very serious. Do you think you can handle spending hours every day with your kids? When was the last time you spent 2 hours with a toddler? They like to play, sing and paint – when was the last time you did any of that?

And, on sunny days, they’ll probably expect you to go to the park. Are you sure you’re up to that? After all those years of staying in the safe and familiar environment of your office, can you handle the outside world?

Last but not least, think about your wife. Yes, have a quick look at that photo on your desk – that’s the one. She might want to spend some time with you too…

3) Managing is tough work, much harder than taking orders

When you’re the boss of your own business, it means you’re going from development to management. At least on a part time basis.

Right now, you’ve got you boss taking care of your schedule and making sure you stay on track. When you become your boss, you’ll have others to manage and no one to blame.

It’s a big responsibility. Think about it!

4) You might need to listen to foreign languages

This is a real issue for many people. When your business makes it abroad, you’ll probably find yourself going more on vacation. Going to Florida is one thing, but if your wife insists on traveling to Venice, Paris or even Japan it’s a completely new ball game.

Starting from your hotel room and ending with waiters in restaurants, they might know some English, but you’ll have to cope with a lot of phrases in foreign language. It gets tiering, spending the whole day sight seeing, just to hear French again in the evening.

It’s irreversible, so better be sure

You should know that once you and your family gets used to a new lifestyle, going back to an office job is almost impossible. Think about the consequences and ask yourself – “am I cut out for this?

If you’re not sure, better wait. For most people the sudden urge to become independent and successful quickly dies off and they adjust back to their jobs. Just in case, if you’re really really sure you can handle it, best to start going global today.

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Software Marketing Around The World – The Story of Sisulizer

August 5th, 2008 Amir

Markus Kreisel talks about marketing Sisulizer – their software localization tool.

Sisulizer is a great example for a successful software business. They’re experts at what they’re doing, know what their users need and deliver a great product.

Markus was kind enough to share his experience in marketing Sisulizer. Read on!

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Writing Sales Copies That Translate Well

July 23rd, 2008 Amir

Can I write a sales copy in my language and get an effective translation that will lead to sales?

I recently joined a discussion about how to write a sales copy in a language you don’t speak. The concern was that translated sales copies can never be effective. They have to be written, from scratch, by a native speaker.

It could be true, but it doesn’t have to be so. Of course, if you’re a talented writer and are writing in your native languages, you’ve got a good head start. But, what happens if you want to write marketing material in a foreign language?

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