Translation Assistant is Available for Freelance Translators

August 11th, 2008 Amir Posted in News | No Comments »

We’ve made Translation Assistant, our website translation software, available for freelance translator and small translation agencies. This should help anyone who’s doing website translation get the job done faster and better. Normally, we must screen and qualify every translator who signs up for our service. This new program lets any translator use our tools without any application process.

Usage fee

There’s no sign up or initial fee. We’re never going to solicit translators with stuff like “enhanced listing” and other money extracting schemes. Payment is made at a per-use basis. We charge the either 0.5 USD cent/word or

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1.5 USD / document – whatever is lower. So, if you’re translating a 200 word document, you’ll pay $1 fee. For any document that’s 300 words or more, payment is $1.5.

What’s it good for?

Translation Assistant is a great tool for translating entire websites. It extracts all text from the website and uses a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor for the texts. Translators never have to touch the HTML. Since it works on complete websites, it also adjusts all links, adds language selectors and other stuff you’ll normally have to do manually. And, it also detects changes in the website, so whenever the client updates, you see what’s new or modified and translate just that.

Who needs it?

Translation Assistant is very useful for freelance translators and small translation agencies. Instead of buying expensive translation software and paying for every upgrade, you can use Translation Assistant and pay per usage.

Getting Translation Assistant

So, if you’re a freelance translator and want to start using Translation Assistant for your website translation projects, read the instructions for getting translation assistant.